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Lawn Bowls, the transformation of a club

Updated: at 02:05 PM

Lawn Bowls is a sport I have loved since I was a teenager, watching my Dad play on a Saturday afternoon in the 1980’s. I joined Kallangur Bowls Club at the age of 19 and played for a couple of seasons before I got busy with my career as a Medical Scientist. Much later in life, 1998 to be specific, I joined Wellers Hill Bowls Club, near my home in Tarragindi. I was an on-again, off-again participant as our kids grew and family matters took precedence. In 2016, I got a call from Louie and Ray from the club - they needed players for pennants. The kids were finished school, so I played and it rekindled my love of the game. I had my 50th birthday party at the club in 2017 and my daughter Laura held her 21st there in early 2020, just before the COVID-19 lockdown. Astrid had also had a fantastic 21st party in the hall with many of her friends from QUTAPS (QUT Asian Pop Society). I have been secretary of the Wellers Hill Bowls Club Board of Management since September 2018. Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, the club struggled to survive due to dwindling numbers of members and increasing costs. Post-COVID, the club has had to change, and to our astonishment, is growing at an steady rate. We went from 350 social members to more than 1000 in about 5 months thanks to an investment in bringing in craft beer and the community garden. As of Dcember 2023 we are close to 2000 social members and 54 Full Bowling Members. I devote a lot of spare time to the secretary duties, including maintaining the website, which is developed in html,css (Bulma) and nodejs (sergey framework) with Azure functions handling the server side bits. I enjoy mucking about with our non-profit Azure subscription (Thanks Microsoft!). Go Wellers Wasps!